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Exclusive Access to Typing Jobs and Education: Begin with a One-Time Fee of Rs. 3930(Including GST)

Embark on a rewarding journey in digital typing with our Online Job Plan. For just Rs. 3930(Including GST), unlock a world of typing jobs that not only offer financial benefits but also enhance your typing and digital skills. This plan is your gateway to a diverse range of online typing tasks, blending practical experience with educational growth in a dynamic digital workspace.

Steps for Online Work

Step 1

Click the ‘Assigned’ button on the dashboard to view your assigned work.

Step 2

Open each page and type in the designated space on our site. Remember to save your work regularly.

Step 3

Track your ongoing work by clicking the ‘In Progress’ button.

Step 4

Once all pages are completed, submit your work by using the ‘Upload’ option.

A single service fee of Rs. 3930/- grants lifetime access to all 5 job types (non-refundable)​


General Process

Log in to our website using your unique user ID and password.
You will receive typing content online, which you can type and save.
Completed work must be submitted/uploaded directly on the site.
Receive a quality control (QC) report via email within 3 working days.


Data Entry Job offers a reliable source of income along with comprehensive training in essential data entry techniques. Supported by our dedicated team, you will gain practical experience and master the skills necessary for efficient data entry. This role is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their computer proficiency and accuracy. Payments are based on accuracy and performance, ensuring you are rewarded for your diligence and skill. This position is both fulfilling and an excellent opportunity for your professional development.

No. of Pages : 20 pages per project


If Accuracy is 100%Rs. 220 Per Page
If Accuracy is 98% – 99%Rs. 160 Per Page
If Accuracy is 96% – 97%Rs. 100 Per Page
If Accuracy is 93% – 95%Rs. 70 Per Page
If Accuracy is 90% – 92%RS. 60 Per Page
If Accuracy is 88% – 89%RS. 40 Per Page
If Accuracy is 86% – 87%RS. 25 Per Page
If Accuracy is 85%Rs. 15 Per Page
Below 85%Rs. 10 Per Page

Captcha Entry Job

Online Captcha Job is more than just completing tasks; it is an opportunity for skill development and training. By engaging in captcha entry work, you improve your typing speed and accuracy, making it an excellent way to enhance your computer skills. This role offers the flexibility to work remotely, allowing you to earn from anywhere. Ideal for individuals with basic computer proficiency, our captcha entry job provides a straightforward yet impactful way to boost your professional abilities while earning income.


Ad Posting Job

Ad Posting Job you’ll play a key role in marketing our products by posting ads on various classified websites. Each successfully posted ad earns you Rs. 1. Your task involves creatively and accurately advertising our products, following specific guidelines. We aim for up to 50 ads per day, with each ad contributing to our product’s visibility and your earnings. You’ll be provided with all the necessary content and support to ensure effective ad postings.

Subsequent projects are available upon completion of current ones.

SMS Sending Job

SMS Sending Job is an engaging opportunity to promote our products and services through text messaging. Each participant is tasked with sending up to 100 SMS per day, provided by us, to potential customers. Your role is crucial in expanding our reach and driving sales. Payment for this job is based on successful conversions – the more sales or sign-ups you generate through your SMS campaign, the higher your earnings. This job offers a flexible way to contribute to our marketing efforts while earning based on performance.


Referral Marketing Job

Master the Art of Referral Marketing , A Crucial Skill in Today’s Digital Economy, With Our Referral Making Job. This Role Not Only Allows You to Effectively Promote Our Products and Services Through Existing Customer Networks but Also Offers a Unique Opportunity to Learn Effective Communication and Marketing Strategies. By Engaging in This Role, You Can Earn by Expanding Our Reach While Simultaneously Enhancing Your Own Marketing Prowess.


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