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SD Pro, Embark on a rewarding journey with SD PRO, our premium online job plan designed to offer flexibility and tailored opportunities for our users. With SD PRO, you have the freedom to choose the type and volume of projects that suit your preferences and schedule. Dive into a diverse range of online tasks that not only offer financial rewards but also enhance your digital skills and career prospects.


Accurate, Efficient & Secure

Customized Data Entry Projects

  • Unlike traditional plans, SD PRO offers customized data entry projects tailored to your preferences. Choose the number of pages per project, ranging from 1 to a maximum of 20 pages.

  • Get started with your first project of 1 page with a deadline of 24 hours. Project deadlines vary based on the number of pages: 2-5 pages within 3 days, 6-12 pages within 5 days, and 13-20 pages within 7 days.

Expanded Job Opportunities

  • SD PRO isn't just about data entry. It encompasses a variety of online job opportunities to cater to different skill sets and interests.

  • Explore additional job options including ad posting, SMS sending, referral jobs, and captcha jobs within the SD PRO framework.

Enhanced Flexibility

  • Enjoy greater flexibility in project selection and workload management. With SD PRO, you have the power to shape your online job experience according to your preferences and schedule.

  • No longer constrained by fixed project structures, SD PRO empowers you to take control of your online earning potential.

Service Fee

  • The service fee for SD PRO is Rs. 6050 (including GST).

Major Terms and Conditions

  • Data Entry Projects: Projects can range from 1 to 20 pages per user request. Payment rates and project durations are consistent with our existing online job data entry plan.

  • Terms for ad posting, SMS sending, Referral jobs, and Captcha jobs are also consistent with our existing online job plan.


Flexible and Secure JOB Opportunities

Endless Opportunities

Find projects that match your Expertise and Interests.


Work on your terms: Fixed price, Hourly, Task-Based, or Recurring Payments.


Our 24/7 support team is ready to help via Phone or Email, wherever you are.


Enjoy the Lowest Job Fees in the market and keep more of your Earnings.


SafePay Payment protection ensures every transaction is secure.


Data and ID verification build your credibility and trust with potential employers.


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